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Safety, Security & Siren System

GINTL is one of the Kingdom’s leaders in the sales of the following Safety and Security products of world renowned manufacturers. GINTL is specialized in technical consultancy and system designing which contributed for its rapid strides of success in Saudi Market. Today GINTL dominates the Kingdom’s Safety and security market, supplying a great percentage of various safety and security products to large and complex private firms, Government institutions. GINTL now is one of the only two distributors for Federal Signal products in the kingdom and the sole distributor for Copper Company, for all the Wheelock indoor Speakers Models.

  • Industrial Emergency Warning Sirens system.
  • CCTV Camera system
  • Control Access Systems

GINTL Mission is to provide a Safe & Secure Life for every Life on this earth. We aim to provide better safety & security to the requirements of the customers. It’s an overwhelming service which includes design, supply, installation, contracting and maintenance of various safety and security products

1. Warning Siren System (wireless connection-IP connection-Cables connections)

GINTL is one of the specialized vendors and suppliers of the security siren system. Our experience comes from the success projects in most of the important plant and sites in Saudi Arabia and also from the specialized and high qualified engineers and technicians in this field.
  • Outdoor Siren, Control and battery Box, UVTD.
  • Modulator Speakers Array 2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, 800 & 400 W.
  • Indoor Siren control cabinet, UVIC.
  • SS2000D Controllers.
  • Federal Signal Commander Software.
  • UV400 Amplifiers.
  • Ceiling Speakers ST-C8V
  • Wall Mount Speakers ST-B4
  • Horn Speakers ST-H30
  • Drivers Speakers 100w.
  • Radio Gm360-UHF & VHF
  • DSA4,6,8 Directional Speakers

SFCD Federal Commander Digital System

The Federal Commander Digital System is Smart Msg-enabled. This system is unmatched in itsfeatures and ease of use.

SS2000+ DTMF Siren Encoder/Decoder

The SS2000+ is Federal Signal’s most advanced stand-alone control unit yet. Monitor and control the unit over your network - the SS2000+includes 20 inputs for remote activation.

UV UltraVoice Electronic Siren Controller

The Federal Signal UltraVoice® controller combines micro-processor based system control with highly efficient amplifiers to deliver optimized tones and voice capability for electronic sirens.

CCTV System/surveillance cameras

The Federal Signal UltraVoice® controller combines micro-processor based system control with highly efficient amplifiers to deliver optimized tones and voice capability for electronic sirens.

Wireless CCTV system

GINTL provides Wireless cameras that can transmit video and audio to a maximum 100 meters line of sight or up to 30 meters through walls & ceilings; though the closer you can place the receiver to the camera, the better quality image you will get.
All the wireless CCTV systems are easy to set up install and use, and can be Connected directly to a TV or monitor for viewing only, or to a standard DVR by using a RCA cable with BNC connectors on one end.

Wired CCTV Systems

An easy to use home, office or business security solution
Outdoor color camera and 7-inch color TFT LCD screen
Clear, high-quality images and sound
Built-in camera microphone
Supplied with remote control
Infrared LEDs switch on at dusk to provide up to 5 meters’ night vision
Monitor allows up to 2 cameras to be connected
Monitor has mirror view/ reverse function for various applications.
On screen display (OSD) for easy operation
Connects easily to a DVR

2. Access control system (ACS)

Access Control is the basis of every Time Space system. The software maintains the common database that contains data about users, badges, access points and clocking. It provides the application framework for accommodating other add-on software modules. Naturally, Access Control provides basic access control functions and maintains personal access profiles i.e. information "who may enter where and when". It lets the user survey and manipulates all data from the common database including door events and work time clocking. Access Control also includes simple attendance calculation.

GINTL provides the supplying, installation and maintenance of all the gates equipment like:

Rising Arm Barrier
Sliding Gate
Road Blocker
Metal Detector
Controllers, ID card Readers
ID Budging System