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Hydro Jet and Dewatering

Deep Well Dewatering

The deep well system forms a large number of bored wells in the site area where the water is excavated by submersible pumps. Whenever the water is pumped out it creates a dry patch in the well making it level and creates a cone of depression or drawdown around itself.

There can be multiple wells which can lower the groundwater level over a wide area beneath an excavation. Since this method does not use a suction principle, large drawdowns can be achieved, limited only by the depth of the wells, and the hydrogeological conditions. Such systems are more powerful for a wider area with optimal numbers of wells and pumps.

Surface Dewatering

Surface dewatering system enable one to lower the groundwater table adequately in cohesive and low permeable soils. Water is pumped off directly from sumps (ditches) along the toes of the slopes of the excavation works. The suction hose with strainer is merely placed in the sump and the collected water is primed and discharged. This makes the open dewatering system easy to install and simple to operate. The open dewatering system utilizes self priming and vacuum assisted centrifugal pumps.

Wellpoint Systems

Wellpoint systems are used to lower groundwater levels to provide stable working conditions. They consist of a series of small diameter wells that are connected by a header pipe to a wellpoint pump. The pump creates a vacuum in the header pipe drawing water up from the ground. Welpoints are typically installed along or around an excavation. The height to which water can be drawn by vacuum in this way is approximately 6 metres. To function at greater depths, well points can be installed in stages as the excavation proceeds.

Hydrojetting Service

Plumbing problems can go from a minor inconvenience to a serious emergency quite quickly, putting both your property and loved ones at great risk. At GINTL we are here to help you avoid these issues at all costs, which is why yearly inspections, preventative maintenance, and timely repairs are strongly encouraged. Hydrojetting is a very effective method for extending the life of your pipes and circumventing major clogs and backups.

Hydrojetting will undoubtedly save you from the many problems that follow a backed up plumbing system. Certain methods of drain cleaning can cause stress and even damage to your pipes, but hydrojetting is 100% effective and will never jeopardize the integrity of your lines.

Sinks that are slow to clear and recurring clogs are both indicative of a more serious obstruction in your pipes. Also, if you are experiencing several clogs throughout your home at one time this typically indicates a blockage deep within your sewer line, which can only be solved by hydrojetting. Before you are faced with severe property damage from infiltrating floodwaters, schedule hydrojetting services today.