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Bulk Material Handling Solutions

Today GINTL is well-known as a SINGLE SOURCE for complete Phosphate material handling solutions,services and systems, Screening and feeding outside plane to material loading area, Feeding through feeders and conveyors to main conveyor and Well experienced in offering material transfer solutions.

GINTL Phosphate screening & shifting division, with its qualified and well experienced Engineers and equipment’s, delivers the highest customer satisfaction level through competitive prices, high quality, on time delivery and exceptional services.

Today GINTL consider one of the main partners to Maaden Phosphate company (MPC) on RAS ALKHAIR and HAZM AL-JALAMEED plants, for all the material handling activities beginning from the transfer of the rock phosphate from the open yard to the designated warehouses, Transfer and shifting of rock phosphate from the warehouses to the designated open yard, Screening and reclaiming of rock phosphate and feeding it to the main conveyors, Transfer of reactive silica/Kaolin jumbo bags to the feeding area and offloading Silica/kaolin jumbo bags to the feeding conveyors, Offloading of reactive Silica/Kaolin jumbo bags from trucks and feeding to the silo using a pneumatic system, Screening of damage Jumbo Bags and feeding to the designated Silo, Stacking of rock phosphate coming by trucks in the designated area, Bagging of the final product DAP using our designed and manufactured Bagging Machines, Transfer of the final Product DAP from the warehouses to port and then the ship loading operation using our mobile ship loader.

GINTL is the sole agent and distributor for Telestack CO., UK & Power Screen International Distribution Ltd For all the Material Handling Equipment’s and the heavy equipment’s.

Screening Activities

Stacking Activities